50′ Super Technocrane

SuperTechno 50 Crane

The SuperTechno 50 Crane is one of the longest telescoping cranes in the world.   It features a 2 or 3 axis Mini Scorpio head and comes complete with a Preston Focus System.  There is an optional 3rd axis, 4th axis, Digital HME Intercoms, track, nose mount, out-front mount, and weather cover.

The crane has a maximum lens height of 50 feet and a telescope range of 38 feet.   The arm can be retracted to less than 12 feet when necessary.   Because of the reach of the arm you can place the camera anywhere in a 100 foot radius without moving the dolly.   The arm can be fully extended or retracted at the rate of 6 feet per second.  You have the option of operating the camera by the use of a handwheel, joystick or panbar.

The crane is compatible with many camera cars including the Shotmaker Premier and can also be mounted on the Chapman Apollo Crane, Chapman Supernova crane, Chapman Olympian 3 (Remote Controlled Mobile Arm Base), Chapman Maverick (Mobile Arm Vehicle), Chapman ATB (All Terrain Base) and Chapman CS Base (Remote Arm Base).  It will support most 3-D rigs, remote heads and cameras.

The standard package includes the SuperTechno 50 Crane with Automatic Backpan Compensation, dolly with motorized post and pneumatic wheels, 2-axis Z-Head, Preston FIZ, dolly grip monitor, operator’s console, 14 inch color monitor, 9 inch b/w monitor, witness camera, and all necessary cables.


Check the specs tab for specific information about the SuperTechno 50.

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