30′ Technocrane

MovieBird 30

The MovieBird 30′ SuperTechnoCrane telescopes during the shot, offering you the ability to film sequences that you can not do with any fixed length crane.  With a 30 foot reach you can place the camera anywhere in a 60 foot radius without moving the dolly.

It features a highly modified Z-Head, which works with any film or video camera in either 2- or 3-axis mode.  Additional features include Digital HME intercoms, track, nose mount, out-front mount, and weather cover.

With the crane raised to its highest position and the arm tilted up, you can reach a maximum lens height of 30 feet in less than half the space of any conventional crane.  You have the option of operating the camera by the use of a handwheel, joystick or panbar.

The crane is compatible with many camera cars including the Shotmaker Premier and can also be mounted on the Chapman Apollo Crane, Chapman Supernova Crane, Chapman Olympian 3 (Remote Controlled Mobile Arm Base), Chapman Maverick (Mobile Arm Vehicle), Chapman ATB (All Terrain Base) and Chapman CS Base (Remote Arm Base).  It will support most 3-D rigs, remote heads and cameras.

The standard package includes the SuperTechno 30 Crane with Automatic Backpan Compensation, dolly with motorized post and pneumatic wheels, 2-axis Z-Head, Preston FIZ, dolly grip monitor, operator’s console, 14 inch color monitor, 9 inch b/w monitor, witness camera, and all necessary cables.


Check the specs table for specific information about the SuperTechno 30.

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