15′ Super Technocrane

Super Techno 15

The Super Technocrane 15 is a perfect solution for confined spaces. It features a 2-axis Z head and comes complete with a Preston Focus System.  There is an optional 3rd axis, 4th axis, Digital HME Intercoms, track, nose mount, out-front mount, and weather cover.

With the crane raised to its highest position and the arm tilted up, you can reach a maximum lens height of 15 feet in less than half the space of any conventional crane. For tight situations, a smaller base is available. You have the option of operating the camera by the use of a handwheel, joystick or panbar.

The crane can be mounted on the GoMobile high speed camera car as well as the Fisher 10 dolly, Chapman Hy Hy (Camera and Remote Arm Base), and Chapman Sidewinder dolly.  It will support most 3-D rigs, remote heads and cameras.

The standard package includes the Technocrane 15, dolly with motorized post and pneumatic wheels, 2-axis Z-Head, Preston FIZ, dolly grip monitor, operator’s console, 14 inch color monitor, 9 inch b/w monitor, witness camera, and all necessary cables.

Check the specs table for specific information about the Technocrane 15.

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